Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let The Fun Begin!!!!

After 3 weeks of tweaking my Kickstarter page I am finally up and running!
Click on the link to the right and let mr know what you think.

This was a challenging process, especially the making of the video. I have a greater respect for those that make their living in front of the camera and manage to look relaxed. I think I'll stick to the other side. I was fortunate to have the assistance of an excellent videographer who managed to get the best I had to offer.
If you need a videographer you can't go wrong working with Steve Lemieux-Jordan at Evanston Photo. His link is listed on the right.

I'm pleased with the final result and hope you share my enthusiasm for the project. With your help, I hope to create an extraordinary book. Please visit my Kickstarter page and "join" the group that launches
"Pere LaChaise"

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