Thursday, April 7, 2011


As I searched for interesting links to include on my website I came across Jim Morrison in Paris.
While I was shooting in Pere Lachaise I was frequently stopped and asked for directions to a particular grave; must be something about carrying all of that equipment that makes you look official. Hands down, the most frequently asked question was "Do you know where Jim Morrison's grave is?". Not bad for a Rock and Roll icon dead for 40 years. Even more surprising was the diverse nationalities looking for his grave, in fact, the Americans were a minority.
The adulation surrounding his burial site has been a sore spot for the French and they have threatened to move his grave on several occasions. When I was there the grave was strewn with bottles of booze,flowers, cards, and psychedelic graffiti; the remnants of graveside parties. In 1988, the original grave marker that included a bust of Jim was stolen after years of being defaced by his fans. It was replaced by his father, George Stephen Morrison, with a new stone headstone in the 90's. If you would like to retrace my steps and take a virtual walk to his grave use the link Virtual Tour of Pere Lachaise and click on Jim Morrison; a flashing red cross will appear on the map. Click on the white dot just below the cross and you will be able to see a panoramic view of his grave and surrounding area.


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